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hotel dworski
  • Hotel Dworski
  • Hotel Dworski Szczecin Przecław
  • Restauracja Szczecin
  • Wesela Szczecin
  • Dobre jedzenie Szczecin
  • Dobre jedzenie Szczecin

Access route

Przecław 140

The location of the Hotel at No. 13 motorway out towards A6 highway and the border point in Kołbaskowo and just 7 km from the centre of Szczecin makes it have a perfectly communication with Szczecin since it takes only 6 minutes to get to the strict city centre by car. Adjacent to he Hotel there is a spacious monitored and attended car park. One can get to the Hotel also by means of public transportation. Beside the hotel there is also a No. 81 bus stop of a PKS stop.


Global Positioning System (GPS) Point for Hotel Dworski

latitude: 53.383683
longitude: 14.478275